Guinnes book of records by traveling though out Tamil Nadu in a motor bike with the karagam on his head.

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Karagatam-at a glance

Karagattam is the combination of 2 separate word – Karagam & Aattam.
Karagattam is a pot made of bronze ware and Aattam is the Tamil word for folk dance. Karagam can be broadly divided into 2 divisions.

Sakthi Karagam

This dance is performed by the devotees in praise of the rain goddess Mariamman. The devotees have to follow a certain set of rules & Procedures before performing Sakthi Karagam. The performer has to necessarily undertake fasting for 42 Days with pure body and mind and on the final day carry Karagam to river and fill the pot with pure water. It then has to be decorated with the following items.

  1. Coconut & Lemon on the tope of the pot
  2. Two Saplings of coconut on either side of the Pot
  3. Floral decoration around Karagam
  4. Sacred Kum Kum, Chand & Turmeric to beautifully it still more.

This decorated karagam is considered as the goddess Amman herself & kept in the temple to the worshipped by the Villagers for 3 days.

Aatta Karagam

This types of Karagam is mainly entertaining in nature. This type of Karagam is especially Performed to expose the agility & intricate talents of the performer.

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